Summer Industrial Fellowships for Teachers


Success begins with industry, organizations, and institutions committing to one or more summer positions for teachers, providing a real job where the teacher brings his or her own unique skills and talents. Without  the positions there is no program.

Companies benefit in many ways, including added productivity with the addition of professional resources. Languishing projects are often completed while others are begun or moved substantially ahead of pace. Some companies use SIFT to boost their workforce for seasonal requirements or to fill in for vacationing employees. Many teachers can bring skills to the position not otherwise available in the department.

SIFT’s role

A student’s dreams of a brighter future begin with a teacher who is plugged into today’s technology.

Industrial fellowships are a unique

concept that brings the real world

into the classroom.

Linking Industry,

Educators, and Students

Florida SIFT

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Florida SIFT

With industry commitment, Summer Industrial Fellowships for Teachers works with school officials to promote the program among teachers and have teachers apply online for a summer position. Industry reviews applications online in the  

Spring, conducts interviews, and makes selection(s) known to SIFT. SIFT employs the teachers and provides administrative support.

SIFT has provided over 750 summer jobs in more than 65 different companies and organizations. SIFT teachers have reached tens of thousands of students with first hand and practical knowledge that will be used in tomorrow’s workplace.


Students benefit by having teachers who have “been there, done that,” leading to a greater appreciation in what it takes to be a success in today’s workplace. Knowledge of skill requirements and workplace practices help students make better decisions about career paths and preparation that is required for success. They become better employees.

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