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Forging a Bond of Cooperation Between

Patrick Space Force Base, Space Coast Military Organizations

and Brevard County Civilian Leadership

The “old timers” remember Patrick Space Force Base as Banana River Naval Air Station before the days of rockets and missiles lighting up the skies. Military officials and community leaders have worked together for more than six decades to solve mutual problems and forge a higher and better standard of living in day-to-day life in Brevard County, Florida.

There is no doubt that the military, with its active duty, civil service, and many contractors has always been a force for providing good wages and positive economic impact.

The rest of the story, however, paints a larger and more enlightened picture of the impact of the men and women who have arrived in Brevard while serving the national interests. Many, many of them have stayed on to become elected officials and tireless contributors to the welfare of our community. Mayors, bankers, educators, business people, volunteers...the list is endless.

Many battles have been fought throughout our nation’s history, and today’s military men and women, whether Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, active or reserve, continue at the forefront of fighting the war on terror with families by their sides or waiting at home here in Brevard.

The CivMil Foundation was established in 1999 with a purpose to raise and expend funds exclusively for charitable, benevolent, and education purposes for military and civilian causes to further strengthen community ties.

Approximately 80% of community giving by the CivMil Foundation has been in direct support of military personnel and their families. Whether they are placing satellites in orbit or defending our freedom in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya, we are determined to stand with them.


 CivMil and the Civilian Military Community Foundation

Trustees have also identified and provided immediate support to a wide variety of community needs during its short existence. Through CivMil's fundraising efforts, the Foundation has provided needed financial support for student scholarships - military and civilian. Our commitment is to improve the quality of life in the community and to enhance individual opportunity through education.